The Anchoredman Bootcamp

The Anchoredman Bootcamp study will make you into the kind of guy a woman, kids and God can trust and be proud of. It has made spiritual growth less boring and more doable for thousands of guys. This guidebook and video series will give you the basic skills you need to better connect with God. As a result, you will become a better leader and protector of those you love the most.

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3 step strategy to help your church reach new men and connect them to God. 

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1-Aim for men

Intentionally create church services, events and environments that attract new guys.
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2-Help them win

Utilize the Anchoredman Bootcamp curriculum to give men a clear, doable plan for discipleship and spiritual growth so they can win in every area of their lives.


3-Plug them in

Integrate your guys into the existing groups and ministries of your church.