At Men of Iron, we believe mentorship is most effective through a 1-to-1 (1 mentor, 1 protege) or micro group (1 mentor, 2-3 proteges) setting. That’s why we created Strong27™ – a mentorship experience that provides the tools and training needed for mentors and proteges to grow in their faith, family, friends, fitness and finances.


Strong27™ was founded on the concept of a mentor and protege meeting face-to-face to experience accountability, balance and spiritual growth. Whether it is 1-to-1 or a micro group, face-to-face mentorships provide the best opportunity to KNOW GOD, KNOW YOUR PURPOSE and KNOW EACH OTHER.

“Growing up on the streets, the influences on my life were not exactly positive. I had no real father figure, so I had no idea what mentorship was about. Three months into the experience, I’d accepted Christ and it’s changed my world.” Chad//Strong27™ Protege 2019

Strong27™ Mentorship Package

Mentorship Package Includes:

  • Strong27™ Mentorship Guide
  • Strong27™ Mentorship Training Camp – 4 Sessions
  • 20 Lessons That Build A Man’s Faith
  • 20 Lessons That Build A Man’s Family
  • 20 Lessons That Build A Man’s Finances
  • 20 Lessons That Build A Man’s Friends
  • 20 Lessons That Build A Man’s Fitness
  • 12 Month Subscription to The Foundry